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Generations: Those who are listed here are the most prominent site member during their era. The presentation and style of Paradise Hotel51 would not be the same without their involvement and infuence.

Xed51 meets Suda51 | Xed51 of GEN2 2006 - 2010
Xed meets with Goichi Suda 51
 Xed is the site owner. PH51 started out as a fansite to some vidya toy that was hosted on gamespy which was maintained by Tomohira Max. Xed bought the domain to PH51 after Max quit the Killer7 site. The site went through a long hiatus (2009-2015), because Max wanted to abandon all video game related content.      
            Webmaster: 具衡 Tomohira MAX aka Leviathan
                                                        of GEN1 2005 -

Max is the founder and webmaster. He's responsible for the layout, graphics and does the majority of the written work. It took until 2016 to finally convince him to work on the site again. He's bringing it back as a hybrid of Niche Japanese subcultures and GHM games which are often heavily influenced by subcultures.

    Hiiragi taiwanese cosplayer aka False Holly
   Site Model: 柊Hiiragi of GEN3 2009 - 2012
Hiiragi is a Taiwanese professional cos-player who's also known as False Holly. Hiiragi exemplified the high standards of quality that PH51 adheres to.
   Perfect Cell aka Leviathan aka Tomohira MAX